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18 & 12 Inch Troubleshooting guide

  1. Disconnect light from cable inside the loc line

  2. Plug charger in the wall. Make sure the charger is showing GREEN

  3. Plug charger into the back of the light

  4. If light turns on and operates normally. Check the battery.

  5. If battery is fully charged. Check the cable.

  6. To check the cable. With the battery in the holder and turned on. Plug the cable completely into the back of the light. Move the connector back and forth slightly. If light flickers or doesn’t turn on. Replace the cable.

Battery Troubleshooting


When charging, look at the light on the charger. NOT the battery.

  1. Plug in charger

  2. Make sure Charger is showing a green light.

  3. Plug Charger into the Battery.

  4. TURN Battery ON

  5. Check the charger. You should see the charger turn from GREEN to RED. This indicates the battery is charging.

  6. Battery is fully charged, when the CHARGER shows GREEN.

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