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PDR Lights and Tools Information

Here at Stuckey Lighting and Tools we want to provide you with the most relevant information about the tools that will make your profession.  Please take a look at the information provided below. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at You can also find us at any of the social media links below. 

Stuckey XL PDR Hail Cordless LED Light

The Stuckey XL PDR Hail Light is designed to be lite weight and easily transported. The light is self contained, with integrated battery compartment. No wires hanging loose. The main body of the light is made out of aluminum. The light is completely cordless and uses the same battery as our long lasting glue guns.  The dimmer knob controls the brightness for the best view of the damaged car panel. There is an external power jack for backup power. The light is compatible with RAM and Carbon Tech mounts. The light includes 6 LED light strips, WC WC WC, each can be turn off and on independently.  The XL Hail light package includes light, battery, charger, and dimmer.  

Stuckey 18" PDR Cordless LED Light

The Stuckey 18 inch PDR Cordless light, from the makers of the Original Patented Cordless LED light.  This light is injection molded poly-carbonate blend for strength and durability.  The entire light and battery weighs 2.25lbs! With the Stuckey Battery you get get 7+ hours with 36 inches of LEDs.  It is the Smallest, Lightest, and Longest lasting battery of its size.  The Lens is specifically made for diffusing the LEDs. Our fade is unchallenged in the industry.  The compact, ergonomic design allows for one handed operation of the suction cup, making it easy for the PDR technician to move the light for optimal viewing angles.  

The 18 inch can be customize for your preference in light configuration. Need 5, 4,  or 3 strips? We have you covered. We offer a myriad of different configurations to suit your PDR style.  We offer 3 different color battery holder, so pick the one that want.

Stuckey Cordless Glue Gun
Stuckey Glue Gun Runtime 8+ hours

The Stuckey Cordless Glue Gun with Temperature Control.  The 12 volt glue glue gun has an improved heating element and cool touch nozzle.  It is an injection molded base and made from the same touch poly-carbonate blend as our 18 inch light.  The gun is rugged and made to survive a fall.  Best of all, it has temperature control, so you can adjust the melt point for the glue of your choice for glue pulling.  As we know there is many different glues our there and you need control on how it melts.  Our glue gun, like all our products are designed with the technician in mind and having the carry all your tools, weight becomes important.  That is why our glue gun is under 2 lbs and will run over 7 hours.  

Stuckey Talon PDR Window Wedge

No PDR technician can go without a window wedge for long.  You need a wedge that will stay in place and can be used in different functions.  This wedge has PDR Tool Tim'e Myke Toledo's approval. If you watch PDR videos you have probably seen this wedge on a tool cart or in a window. This often overlooked, but critical tool should be part of your kit. 

Stuckey Hole Straightening Pliers

Have you ever deform an access opening in the PDR process, trying to get that last push done? Stuckey Hole Straightening pliers is for you. Quickly and efficiently reshape hole or access points. A must have tool for any Paintless Dent Removal Technician.

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