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Stuckey Cordless Glue Gun

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Are you looking for a long lasting cordless glue gun for your glue pulling needs? We use our glue gun in the shop and run them all day on a single fully charged battery. This 12 volt device is awesome for glue pulling or anywhere you need a glue gun, but don't want to or can't run a power cord.

It is made of a tough polycarbonate blend, making this gun rugged. We have non-slip padding on the base, so you can set it on the car.

One of the best feature is the temperature control. You can adjust the temperature to prevent glue dripping. Just turn the dial to the desire temperature.

The glue gun with the battery is less than 2 pounds. Talking about easy add to your PDR "go" bag. When lugging gear back and forth from your vehicle to job site, every pound counts! The battery has a battery gauge. Also, it has an USB port to charge your phone.

Joshua Radloff says, "I have Stuckey's. It's a badass. I get 8-10 hours of run time off of one charge. But you can't go wrong with either gun. Stuckey or Elimadent."

Betrand V. Etheridge says, "The glue is too hot if its leaking all the Stuckeys, Carl Stuckey has amazing customer service and build a rock solid gun. Temp control and the battery runs all day no problem. I am honestly amazed I have gotten 8 hours out of it before but average just over 6 with my use. Can't recommend it enough!"

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