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Years of PDR Tool service

I came across this article and I had to share it. Since our beginnings, we strive to provide the best tools and lights to Professional PDR Technicians. As it was back then, it is today, my passion is to provide unrivaled craftsmanship in every cordless light and tool we send out. Every one of our lights is hand produced and tested.


Article by Dave Streen

Carl Stuckey Light for Dent Repair

📷The Carl Stuckey Light is one of the most amazing advancements we have seen. When I first opened the shipping box my eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. Holy cow this light is quality was my first thought. This is one of the first dent repair lights that I did not feel the need to tweak or rework in any way. Pull it out of the box, snap the two ends of the snake tubing together and you could literally go and fix dents with it. It is apparent that Carl has done extensive research and testing and has gone with the best of everything.

I chose to go with the 18″ Mini Light as the 12″ lights that I have used in the past did not offer enough working area for larger dents and creases. I was worried about the suction cup giving loose and the light crashing to the ground like other mini lights that I have owned. The 18″ Carl Stuckey Light was a perfect choice for me. The suction cup is much stronger than my old ones, so I think it will hold on just fine. The balance is perfect which will help with that as well. Finally, someone understands that the mounting hole should be in the center so the light is balanced. Good job, Carl!

How is the Carl Stuckey Light Shadow?

The standard 18 inch mini light offers 3 choices to work from. The two warm lines on the outside offer great detail while still being easy on the eyes. The cool white line in the center is very bright, but the fog line helps tame it so that it casts an excellent shadow. The third option is to run all 3 lines at the same time. This would be a good option for working outside or in other bright conditions. No matter which option you chose to work with, the fade on this light is amazing. Just as accurate as my 36″ LED lights. This light is simply outstanding!

If working outside, I personally believe that the Mobile Tech Shade and the Carl Stuckey mini-light are a perfect team for mobile dent repair.

Article by Dave Streen

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